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NEW! Protein Drink Mix

Overview: Curb your hunger and stay energized with the power of protein! Add Protein Drink Mix to your favorite Formula 1 shake or mix with water for a nutritious protein snack.
Key Benefits :
• 24 vitamins and minerals.
• 15g of heart-healthy soy protein.
• Just 5g of carbs per serving.
Details :
This great-tasting shake is an ideal way to get protein throughout the day. It includes protective antioxidants and mixes easily with water, making it ideal for a nutritious snack or protein boost on the go.
Usage :
Blend or stir 2 tablespoons (28g) of Protein Drink Mix with 8 fl. oz. of cold water and enjoy! Take mid-morning or mid-afternoon to help satisfy your hunger cravings and to meet your daily personal-protein requirements.

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•  Each Program tailored for your specific dietary needs
Herbalife Independent Distributors are trained to understand your individual needs and goals and can recommend products based on your nutrition and calorie requirements. Whether you are looking to slim down, tone up or simply maintain the figure you have, Herbalife have scientifically proven products to meet your needs.

Herbalife has an extensive range of personal care products to help you look healthier and feel great. The happier you are on the inside, the more it shows on the outside. Our bodies need to be maintained through correct nutrition for long-term health but it’s important to also remember that your skin and hair require the right nourishment to ensure you look healthy on the outside too Personal care products from Herbalife can help you to maintain a healthy appearance. We divide our products into six grooming and beauty ranges to make it more convenient for you to choose the products you need.With the right balance of essential nutrients daily, health and vitality flourishes. Read more on Outer Nutrition HERE >>>

Targeted Nutrition products, based on Herbalife's exclusive Cellular Nutrition® technology, deliver vital nutrients at the cellular level, to support total well-being and promote long-term good health. Read more on Inner Nutrition HERE >>>

Herbalife products are sold exclusively through Independent Distributors such as myself and are NOT available in stores. Please contact me so that we can discuss how to help find the right products for you. Call me, Tara, on 01233 662528 or complete this form >>>.
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